Case Study: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics finds its voice

Despite having a long and distinguished history as an innovator, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics was struggling to compete against their bigger competitors — Abbott, Siemens, and Roche. Ortho focused on providing in vitro diagnostic solutions for clinical laboratories and blood banking, while their competitors offered solutions across most departments at healthcare institutions. So, while the competition was able to package attractive volume-based capital equipment deals, Ortho had to work harder to distinguish their technologies and communicate their value. 

A great technology story that wasn't resonating

In 2019, Dot Roar was hired to create a new value proposition to help overcome these challenges. We set out to examine how Ortho’s offering was unique and how we could capitalize on it. Their technology platform is inherently more efficient because it’s based on a digital, waterless chemistry platform, while the competitors’ platforms remained traditional. This sounds like a competitive advantage for Ortho because their technology eliminates most environmental interferences that disrupt the consistency and accuracy of test results. But these attributes didn’t break through where it counted: capturing the imagination of buyers and convincing them to sever their safe relationships with bigger brands.

It's all about the patient

We noticed all the players in the diagnostic marketplace were leaning on technical stories — including Ortho. We suspected Ortho’s voice was blending in, becoming commoditized. So, buyer decisions were made on price and convenience — points the bigger competitors could capitalize on to squeeze Ortho out.

Ortho needed a more compelling story to support their unique technology. We interviewed sales teams, customers, and clinicians to better-understand what makes lab professionals loyal to a brand and motivates their purchase decisions. What we discovered was surprising (but not surprising when you think about it…). They didn’t think about themselves or their needs — lab professionals measured brands by how they deliver for the patient. Laboratory professionals love their job because they believe they are an equally important member of the patient care team, even if they never meet the patient. And they expect manufacturers placing vital equipment in their labs to believe the same.

Because Every Test is a Life

In 2020, Ortho launched their new brand identity, Because Every Test is a Life. It was an idea inspired by listening and understanding the customers’ core needs — far beyond technology, understanding why they go to work everyday. Now, Ortho’s innovative platforms have deeper meaning and therefore a better story to tell. Framed around a shared mission between customer and manufacturer, sales and marketing initiatives not only sparked lab professionals' imaginations — it inspired all of Ortho’s employees, too.

Dot Roar is a marketing communications firm helping healthcare companies better-connect with clinicians and institutional administrators. It begins with understanding the complex, controversial, and dynamic environment these individuals work in every day. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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