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Plan carefully before marketing to the people living and working through the complexity, controversy, and dynamics of healthcare.

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Discover your voice in healthcare

Dot Roar is a marketing communications firm helping healthcare companies better-connect with clinicians and institutional administrators. Even as our clients introduce new drugs and devices that revolutionize patient care, a more thoughtful marketing approach is still required. Healthcare professionals' attention spans are shrinking as their challenges increase. We help our clients elevate their voice beyond traditional sales communications with more empathetic, customer-centric narratives; so, their customer relationships grow stronger and their products and services have more meaning.

Think of us as your thought partner

We service director-level executives looking for an extension of their team to work through the roadblocks that stymie business growth. Our team will immerse in your business and provide a fresh and informed perspective for your organization.

We recognize you’re helping people

We’re passionate about your success because you're impacting lives. So, you’ll get the undivided attention of strategic, senior-level healthcare advocates. No product is too niche, or too clinical, or too regulated that it doesn’t deserve breakthrough, innovative ideas.

No two clients are alike

You probably think your problem is really unique, and you’re probably right. That’s why we maintain staffing flexibility so we can form teams best-suited for your business. A one-size-fits-all team and process isn’t the roadmap to solving your challenges.

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Sales Enablement

The skillset and experience to solve a wide range of challenges

Dot Roar is ready to help your organization in many ways. Healthcare marketing is more than copy and campaigns — it’s an overarching communications approach for your company. It comes to life when silos in your organization are unified by one mission, or when sales teams learn to listen as much as they tell, or when you improve day-to-day customer experiences.  

We’ve helped clients reinvent their corporate value proposition, so they have a new and inspiring brand voice. We’ve guided clients through the 2021-22 supply chain crisis with a communication strategy that helped them manage dissatisfied customers with grace. We blew up a complex and confusing service offering and put it back together as a simple customer-centric story that communicated real value.

Successful field sales initiatives are crucial to the success of our clients. We have experience in getting to know how sales organizations like yours function— including diagnosing their strengths and weaknesses. Then we help devise tools that better-enable the field to pull through product and corporate marketing campaigns.

The foundation of our success is truly understanding your customers and prospects. Relying and building upon our experience engaging with clinicians and administrators, we dig for key buyer and influencer insights that we can use to create customer-centric narratives that connect and change behavior. 

Your Team

David Hackett

Founder, Creative Director

David has been leading professional healthcare marketing campaigns for 20+ years, including for AstraZeneca, Novartis, Hologic, Bausch + Lomb, EMD Serono, and QuidelOrtho. David is the firm's leader, guiding clients and teams through each milestone to ensure success.

Karen Young Levi

Principal Strategist

Karen is an accomplished marketing and communications specialist with 30+ years of experience holding leadership positions at Breastcancer.org, MBC/Digitas Health, and Grey Advertising. Karen is Dot Roar’s strategic advisor, identifying opportunities for clients to further optimize their marketing initiatives.

Diana Blau

Account Supervisor

Diana has 15+ years of experience in Account Management on both global and NA accounts, including QuidelOrtho Diagnostics, Tylenol, Wendy's, Gillette, Venus, and Febreze (working with theOlympic Azerbaijani wrestling team). Diana is Dot Roar’s client liaison, ensuring the agency is delivering strategic, smart, and inspiring work that aligns with our clients’ needs.

Rita Schuerman

Account Supervisor

Rita has 25+ years of healthcare experience; collaborating with global key opinion leaders and major pharmaceutical companies. She has overseen pre-launch to end-of-product lifecycle programs in cardiology, global health, hematology, immunology, nephrology, neurology, oncology, pain, psychiatric disorders, respiratory, and transplantation science. Rita is a Dot Roar account supervisor delivering high-quality, scientific programs that ultimately help patients.

John DeMaio, MD

Writer, Medical Advisor

As a clinician, subject matter expert, strategist, and writer, John has contributed to the success of over seventy major prescriptions, over-the-counter and device health brands, guiding and supporting client launch and growth imperatives. John is Dot Roar’s clinical liaison, guiding the team to understand the science and the healthcare professional.

Markets Served

  • Dermatology
  • Lupus
  • Gastrointestinal
In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
In Vitro Fertilization
Breast Health Screening + Awareness
Gynecologic Surgical Device
Major Depressive Disorder Therapy
Vision Device
Gastrointestinal Device