Clinical lab managers are nervous about retiring — blood bankers are terrified.

About 66%1 of today’s medical decisions depend on clinical laboratory results. And the accuracy of a blood banker’s result could mean life or death for a patient. The most senior individuals in these important functions in the healthcare system would like to pass the baton to the next generation — but more and more, they’re not sure they can. 

Today’s healthcare institutions are struggling with a severe staffing shortage. Clinical lab staff vacancy rates* are up to 14.5%2 — the blood banks are up to 13.6%2. Over 48%2 of hiring managers are struggling to find qualified candidates because there’s simply not enough students graduating from accredited programs. Training programs are declining, and not enough students are considering the lab as a career3.

How can the staffing crisis shape the purchase decision process? 

As the most-skilled scientists reach retirement age, they’re forced to consider what happens to the quality of patient care when they pass the test tube to the next generation. Are they forced to stay? Or could new innovative assays, technologies, and services make their retirement decision easier to make? If you’re marketing any of these and want to really connect with buyers, there’s an opportunity to provide deeper meaning beyond features and benefits. Tell them how your innovative products can really set them free.

*Across regions in the U.S., as measured by the ASCP 2020 Vacancy Survey

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